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Our Story

Welcome to Metro Kickz.

Who Are We

Metro Kickz began in 2019 with the vision to make Cocaine White 1’s available at a location near you  . We are a company that focuses on function, fashion, and creativity. Our company originates from the heart of Atlanta. We draw design inspiration from the hustle of downtown Atlanta and the culture the city brings. We are dedicated to bring innovations that will hold up to high standards. We offer an option to customize every inch of your shoes to bring your creativity to life ! 

Our Goal

We strive to give you a product you love and can't wait to show off. Our innovations are unique to reflect the bright personalities of our customers. We believe that our products will help for everyday use. We utilize high quality material to give our products an elevated sense of craftsmanship. In order to stand out from all other opposition 


Metro Kickz


•Randy Cey Ramirez •CEO /Web Designer / Social Media Influencer of Metro Kicks 
QUICK BACKGROUND: Early 2000's Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia until the age of 14.
During my early childhood, seen my parents struggle in such ways that made me have a different perspective on the "fast" life at a early stage. Luckily i'm beyond blessed that my parents were able to make things work and stay together to make me who I am today. Without them its scary to think about were I would be at in life without their guidance. Growing up I was socially closed off individual. I didn't have close relations with kids my age/friends . So seeings kids have things I wished I had, going on vacations, having big homes, friends,  a happy family. Really helped build my character and make personal life decisions into who I am today. I am someone who soaks knowledge up like a sponge. In order to learn and further deepen my understanding on a topic .That being said , i'm very ambition driven to always outperform my competition. Everything I stand behind always happens, I can grantee it. For many years I been intrigued with sneakers . Now i’m happy to announce and bring weekly restocks of Cocaine White 1’s. Thank You to anyone who supports me from the bottom of my heart. Not to many real ones left!
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•Andrew Ramirez •Head Art Shoe Designer and Artist
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